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Hello, I am Cami Bosschaert, a Belgian UX Designer and Digital Project Manager.

During my study Devine (Digital Design & Media) I managed to create my own style and some interactive and fun projects.

I also have a degree of Management in Communication, graduated in Public Relations/Public Communication. I like to mix my digital skills with concept and branding.

I do lots of research and analysis of websites and use that to define the goal and strategy for the website. I believe in user centered design and design thinking. That's one of the reasons I took courses for the postgraduate Innovation Management. How the project's information needs to be organized, create sitemaps and wireframes to guide the team on the design and development of the project. The art of visual prototyping with all its aspects and the actual design are part of my skills.

If you like what you see or just want to say hello, please feel free to send me an email:

Twitter | Some words and links, in 140 characters or less

Vimeo | My latest Motion Graphic work and movs of recent work

Linkedin | Professional information

Pinterest | Interior, food, photography, photography and body & health

Email |

Cami Bosschaert